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We had a good laugh this morning when our local weather and climate retard said the current heat wave is kicking central California toward the hottest August on record. 


---Er---they really should check their calendar --it's September now.  

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I got a kick out of one of out local radio guys saying we had a 65% chance of rain......while it was pouring down like a proper Arizona monsoon, and had been for nearly two hours.  I called the station and suggested they open a door and look outside.  A few more minutes the guy came back on the air and started off with "Boy, is my face red."  


Most of our small town local folks are okay. 

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You've got to wonder if that map was a backlash by an employee who was directed to make the temperatures appear warmer to help sell the climate change agenda.  

That kind of deception is now occurring on a widespread basis. 


I've been keeping track now for some time, comparing the NOAA local daily predictions to a half-dozen temp readings that I make in different locations with a mercury thermometer, backed up by a calibrated infrared instrument.  (I note I am well trained in making air and water temperature measurements after making them for several agencies over 40+ years). 


Our local NOAA  predictions are nearly always a few degrees high, as if to establish a public mind-set.  The media then picks up the hype and people don't even notice the real temps do not reach as high as predicted.   


In some cases, the reported daily max temperatures, as purportedly measured, are also well above the range of my own measurements. 


The "data" we are getting is just not as reliable as purported.  Much of it appears to reflect agency political agendas rather than scientific data gathering.

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