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When your eyelashes turn against you

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Just a warning.

If you ever feel the sensation of a foreign object in your eye, and you cannot clear it overnight, make an immediate  appointment to see your eye Dr. 


I kept working at mine for about two weeks, then finally gave up and made an appointment. 


I had a number of ingrown eyelashes that by then had seriously abraded a big  hole in my left cornea.  It became infected from all of my handling, trying to clear the foreign body.  

It is now three months and two dozen MD visits including two surgeries later, plus hundreds of $$ in medicines, and I still have no vision in my left eye. 


Because the vision is impaired by corneal damage rather than focal length issues, it is incorrectable with a diopter change to my glasses.  The infection also affected the lacrimal (tear) gland which caused a severe dry-eye condition.  I've had two eyelid surgeries so far and I am looking at another one next week.  I will have to wear a hard contact lense for months to hopefully help protect, heal and hopefully correct the corneal scarring.  If that fails, a corneal transplant may become my only hope for restored vision.


So AGAIN, don't hesitate if something is hurting your eye.  Go in and be seen by an MD ASAP.  I learned a seriously hard lesson here.  I went from 20-20 correction to one temporarily or permanently  blinded eye in just two weeks. 


Fortunately it wasn't my dominant eye.   Ask me if I will be wearing enhanced protection on the other eye when shooting. 


Too often, we  don't appreciate what we have until it is gone.  I am just sharing a warning here.  



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Wow! I am so sorry to hear about this @Dusty Devil Dale

I do hope the doctors can help you.

We were just discussing eyes and eye injuries at work the other day.

May I recommend that you always wear eye protection whenever you are working on anything, including cleaning your guns, reloading, etc. to prevent  damaging or harming your one good eye. 

Thank you for posting this. It’s an excellent reminder for people to be more aware of their eyes and  protecting and caring for them. 

My wife had an eye lash literally pierce her eye once and I was able to extract it with tweezers. Luckily she had me look at it right away. She went to the doctor and they saw no other damage but it shocked me how a fine little hair could pierce her eye. 

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Prayers for a complete recovery DDD. Wow, just wow.:(

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