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Lookin for floor plate for 788 Remington 30-30 0r 222,223

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Here we go again, tryin to find the impossible! GPC doesnt have it. So, SASS buddies help me out! And, the front guard screw? Ur, well the smaller of the 2, I need as well.

Thanks, Parson

Always a project!!!

I got a trigger guard comin, but the 308 family floorplate will not work for the 30-30.BUT the bolt pattern on the 222,223 will line up, so, with a mill l can make it work.

Thanks for lookin


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Have you tried Jack First??


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Just now, Grass Range said:


I have not been able to post a reply until just now. I am waiting for the monitor to let me know why. Parson if you send me a PM I will respond.

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no, there is a floor plate or trigger guard plate. The trigger guard hooks into a foreward slot screw behind the trigger the mag goes into a cut out in the bottom. I have a 223, and have had a 308. Im chasing parts to rebuild a 30-30. The 308 is longer than the 222-223-30-30. But can machine out the mag slot on a 222.


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if you are looking to do a 3030, they are the same action length as the 222, 223 and 30-30 at 6 5/16ths.   The bottom metal/floor plates are not the same on them?  The 243/308 action is only a few 16ths longer at 6 9/16ths....quarter of an inch difference so one or the other should work.  I dont think the 3030 has different bottom metal does it?

Measured from the rear edge of the bridge to the front edge of the ring, the .44 Mag is 5-5/8", the .222, .22-250, and .30-30 are 6-5/16," and the 243 and 308 are 6-9/16.  These measurements were taken on rifles in my collection


Here are some good links to find measurements and info etc and after market parts that were made:




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