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  1. ill take seconds on them if deal falls thru!
  2. the magazine guide bars for the 44 mag and the 30-30 are the same part. ???
  3. if you are looking to do a 3030, they are the same action length as the 222, 223 and 30-30 at 6 5/16ths. The bottom metal/floor plates are not the same on them? The 243/308 action is only a few 16ths longer at 6 9/16ths....quarter of an inch difference so one or the other should work. I dont think the 3030 has different bottom metal does it? Measured from the rear edge of the bridge to the front edge of the ring, the .44 Mag is 5-5/8", the .222, .22-250, and .30-30 are 6-5/16," and the 243 and 308 are 6-9/16. These measurements were taken on rifles in my collection Here are some good links to find measurements and info etc and after market parts that were made: http://ps-2.kev009.com/ohland/Rem788/Remington_788.html https://cfnparts.com/index.php?route=product/category&path=169 http://ataleoftwothirties.com/?page_id=422
  4. id buy the bisley if you want to split them up! thanks
  5. what do you mean floorplate??? 788's are drop box magazine fed rifles, there are no floor plates. ???
  6. Ill give you a call on Thursday around lunch hour pacific time as id like to buy the bisley. Count it sold! Thanks, Rob
  7. Ill take em! Im interested in buying them if you will ship to my ffl. let me know, thanks
  8. I have a set that is right hand drop with extra cross draw which works better unless she is shooting both hand?
  9. These are made in Turkey so are they marked MADE IN TURKEY or no? They are nice and on par with Huglu in their hay day.
  10. they have high side of market value as STARTING BIDS so its ALL at RESERVE basically as the first bid is the lowest they will accept. Dont care for "auctions" that have high start bids. That 1894 take down is a nice rifle on the first page but starting bid must be $5000 or better! ??? Ive been too LOTS of the large auction houses and they seem to be the only ones that pull that stuff versus just starting it at someones true first bid and go from there. What ever...i wont be bidding on anything. Also just got done with 3 large auctions over last couple months so im auctioned out for a bit, especially an auction with high starting bids in place. Looking further it looks like some start bids are nuts and some are just AT MARKET VALUE to start.
  11. tried to message you but it said you could not receive messages. Do you have a cell number i can text or call you at? Thanks, Rob
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