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Cleaning .45-70 used with smokeless powder and APP

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Quick question for you experts..........


This spring, I've started using APP in my match pistols, rifle, and shotgun.  I'd previously used them with smokeless powder, so I cleaned them well and lubed with Ballistol before shooting APP.  Now, those guns are easy to clean with none of the baked-on carbon that I struggled with when using smokeless powder.


I've got a .45-70 1885 that I've been shooting with smokeless powder and I'd like to start shooting it with both APP and smokeless, sometimes in the same shooting session.

What's the best way to manage this?  Should I switch to using only Ballistol for lubrication in that rifle and steer clear of petroleum-based oils?

I may be creating a problem where none exists, but thought I'd ask.




--Doc Altman

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Posted (edited)

While APP will work with regular smokeless lubricants I have found that using a BP compatible lubricant creates less fouling under certain conditions.

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Thanks, everyone.  I did a deep cleaning on the rifle last night and lubed it with Ballistol.

I'm going to try to go to the range tomorrow and try out some APP loads in it.  If I'm feeling froggy, I'll shoot a few smokeless loads afterwards and see how the cleaning goes.


I appreciate the help.



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Balistol is good for most anything! 

my wife has gone to putting a dab behind her ear whenever she thinks I’m spending too much time in the gun room ;)

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