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  1. Mine is scheduled to be delivered tomorrow!
  2. Cholla, For what it's worth, I just started shooting APP in my .45-70. I used 45 grains by weight of 3F APP with a 405 grain Laser Cast bullet. OAL was 2.545", and I used a pretty firm crimp with a Lee Factory Crimp Die. 10 shot velocity average was 1293 fps. 50 yard group was 1 1/2" while my 100 yard group was a little over 3". I also tried a load with 350 grain lead bullets and 49 grains (by weight) of APP, but wasn't quite as happy with it. Good luck to you! I'm just learning the ropes with APP, but I'll be happy to help you in any way that I can. --Doc
  3. Which Hornady One Shot product are you all using? (Inquiring minds want to know.) I use the aerosol version on some of my rifle brass but I've never tried it on pistol cases.
  4. I totally understand the hardships that Starline must contend with in this day and age, and I certainly don't fault the company for the business decisions they've made. I hope that my post was/is not taken as a complaint. I'm a fan of the .38-55, and my old Winchester presents me with a tight chamber and a larger than normal bore. Because of the thinner neck wall of Starline's .38-55 case, theirs is the only brass that I've found that will function correctly in my rifle with the larger lead bullets that I need to use. (Perhaps I need to learn how to ream the necks of my cases, but I haven't gotten there yet.) Anyway, finding brass for the .38-55 has been difficult and I was encouraged to see that Starline was anticipating a production run for the caliber. I just wanted to spread the word in an effort to help others that may be in need of brass. It was not meant to be disparaging in the least. --Doc
  5. For the first time in over a year, Starline has changed their 2.080" .38-55 brass from "Out of stock/no backorders at this time" (red dot) to "backordered/ship date to be determined" (yellow dot). I placed an order for a batch yesterday. From Starline's order page: "Due to increased demand at this time, items will ship in a first-come, first served order dependent upon availability. Backordered items will ship as soon as they become available." I don't know when it will ship, but I wanted to get my name on the list. The 2.125" .38-55 brass, which I prefer, remains out of stock. Someone posted on the SASS Wire that Starline has no plans to produce the longer brass in the foreseeable future. Just thought someone might like a heads-up.
  6. Good job, Jed! I've watched it a few times and I don't own an 1866 (but my 1873 is close!). Thank you! --Doc
  7. Thanks, everyone. I did a deep cleaning on the rifle last night and lubed it with Ballistol. I'm going to try to go to the range tomorrow and try out some APP loads in it. If I'm feeling froggy, I'll shoot a few smokeless loads afterwards and see how the cleaning goes. I appreciate the help. --Doc
  8. Quick question for you experts.......... This spring, I've started using APP in my match pistols, rifle, and shotgun. I'd previously used them with smokeless powder, so I cleaned them well and lubed with Ballistol before shooting APP. Now, those guns are easy to clean with none of the baked-on carbon that I struggled with when using smokeless powder. I've got a .45-70 1885 that I've been shooting with smokeless powder and I'd like to start shooting it with both APP and smokeless, sometimes in the same shooting session. What's the best way to manage this? Should I switch to using only Ballistol for lubrication in that rifle and steer clear of petroleum-based oils? I may be creating a problem where none exists, but thought I'd ask. Thanks! --Doc Altman
  9. I'll throw my hat in for third "I'll take it." Yeah, I know..........and pigs might fly. Thanks. --Doc
  10. Crawdaddy is a tough competitor. Glad I only have to lose to him once or twice a year!
  11. $63 is not a bad price. Too bad Midway just stopped their free shipping promo. I usually keep some stuff in my cart at Midway and order when they offer free shipping, but I'd be afraid to wait on those dies. I'll bet you're gonna love your 38-55! Good luck!
  12. Where are you all getting these awards............poker chips, lapel pins, etc. Our club has grown quite a bit in recent years, and I think some type of award might be popular. Thanks! --Doc
  13. I reckon I know who'll be pushing that cart!!
  14. I like 31 grains of IMR 4198, which gives me a velocity of about 1326 fps with a 405 grain cast bullet.
  15. No problem at all, TB. I certainly understand that. I’m glad Jakeleg was able to get enough to get him started. Thank you! —Doc
  16. TB, I'll take the Starline brass if Jakeleg doesn't want it. Thanks. --Doc Altman
  17. There's actually not a tremendous difference between the standard and "cowboy" versions of .45-70 dies. The cowboy version is blued steel with brass lock rings, which are kind of pretty. As I understand it, RCBS "cowboy" dies are optimized for cast lead bullets with a traditional roll crimp. I have a set of Cowboy dies for my .38-55, which I like because they came with a larger 0.379" expander for use with the 0.380/0.381" cast bullets that my old Winchester prefers (in addition to the 0.376" expander).
  18. Starline has had them listed on their website as "out of stock--no backorders at this time" for almost a year. About a year ago, I placed an order when they were listed as "backordered--ship date to be determined" but my order is still listed as "processing". I'm crossing my fingers and hoping that Starline will do a production run at some point. If that happens and I find out about it, I'll post something on the Wire and try to let everyone know. --Doc
  19. Thanks for the information, Jack. That is very disappointing news. I've talked to Starline a few times over the past year and they wouldn't give me any information about the production schedule, so I appreciate it. I think that the wall thickness of Starline's shorter (2.08") brass is thinner than other manufacturers, so maybe it will work in my rifle. I'll keep an eye on their website and try to get a supply. I'm still working with a few 2.125" pieces of brass that Adolph Vancinghand graciously shared with me last year. Thanks again! --Doc
  20. You and me both, brother! I've been waiting on an order from Starline since April of last year. If I happen to get it soon, I'll share with you. In the meantime, if you find a supply, let me know. --Doc Altman
  21. That'll work. Thanks, John Boy.
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