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"Fatting Up" a Henry .22 Golden Boy front sight

Cheyenne Ranger, 48747L

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the front sight is very small


I was thinking of taking a shot piece of tiny plastic straw, slitting it and putting this over the current one.  Would be black to be in compliance with rules


short piece of brass tubing with slit and crimped on?


maybe a dab of hot glue or CA to keep it from 'escaping' while in use


or is there a commercial product out 'there' that would do same thing?


all thoughts and help appreciated


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5 minutes ago, Captain Bill Burt said:

Widder worked on my son's Henry.  He put a Sure Hit brass front sight on it after doing some machining.  I'll post a pic in a minute.



That's what I used. Sure Hit Sight. 

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Thanks Capt BB.


The 'enlarged' front section of that site was for cosmetic purposes only.    I thought it looked 'cool' after I made it

and then just left it. as is, hoping Capt BB would like it.


YES..... its just a Sure Hit brass site fixture.




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