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I Voted Today

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Local election is Aug 3rd, but they've have had early voting for the last two weeks. 


First thing the gal did was ask for my photo ID (DL). Then she had the nerve to compare it to my face.


Then to my horror, she scanned the bar code and input my DL number.


Then, OMG, I actually had to sign the screen and verbally repeat my name and address.


Seriously, I am so thankful they're that thorough in verifying my identity. To me the process is a no-brainer and reassuring, but according to the Democrats, I've been discriminated against and my rights violated. :wacko:

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The demo-rats/leftists don't like it because that I.D. process will prevent non-citizens, illegals, the dead, and multiple votes, from being cast, thus assuring them of a certain defeat at the polls.


States like Arizona, and Florida, and others, are, as I type this, making legal inquires into possible voter fraud, during the 2020 presidential election. 

It is going forward, too, despite the news media, and the demo-rats trying to classify it as a non-issue, or a racist issue.  Too late for that, the cat is already out of the bag, and there are too many unanswered questions, that can't be glossed over anymore, or swept under the rug.  


If one is honest, and has nothing to hide, providing correct I.D., at the polls, is the right thing to do, and helps ensure an honest vote.

And, it's not "racist". Everyone has to do it...not just certain people groups, or genders.   


Great post Abilene...Thanks.  








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These are the requirements that should be mandated nationwide and the minimum diligence that should be exercised!!


If a prospective voter can’t meet these qualifications and bear up to this level of scrutiny, they should be prevented from casting a ballot and investigated for attempted voter fraud.

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Friends of mine returned from Iraq, after working, in conjunction with the US administrators there, to help rebuild their former homelands infrastructure etc, and while there voted in an election.

They showed how the Iraqi government tried to keep it honest: Their thumbs were dipped in an indelible ink that took a long time to wear off.

I wonder if that might reduce the cheating?? 


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