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Winchester M1 Carbine......SOLD

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I've got a pretty nice Winchester M1 carbine that I'm thinking about trading.


This is a USGI Winchester carbine.  It was given to South Korea and then imported back.  It has a very light Arlington Arsenal import stamp under the barrel.  It has the typical post war upgrades, adjustable rear sight and bayonet lug.  It is a late enough built gun that an adjustable sight might be correct.  It has a USGI contract chrome lined barrel.  Proof (P) marked.  It is marked under the barrel flat, not on top forward of the bayonet lug.  Bore is excellent.


I like Colt and Winchesters.  I'm ok with compromised guns....ones that have seen post factory work.  Shortened barrels, refinished as long as the factory markings are strong. 


I could use an 1895 in an available caliber, 1892 in .38-40, 1886 in .45-70.   


Colts in .38-40 or .45 Colt.  .38 special depending on the model.  A military marked 1905 would be interesting.


A Winchester M1 Garand.


I also like stuff made at the Springfield armory...the real one.  A good shooter Krag, a Trapdoor, 1903 Springfield etc.  I'm really on teh hunt for a USMC 1903.  


The value on M1 carbines has exploded recently.  Midway just sold a bunch for $1400-$1700.  No mags.  I figure the value on this is around $1275 or so.  I can add a mag if legal where you are.  I have additional mags......I think 7 I can work in the deal.


I might be interested in a Browning marked Winchester repro also.


Depending on what you have, I can add cash or you can add cash on the deal.


I will get some pics taken and posted today.


Shoot me a message if you are interested.  




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  • smokedawg SASS#60968 changed the title to Winchester M1 Carbine......thinking about trading. Pics up last post. Up date trades.

 Like I said.  "USGI contract barrel"


It is an early 70's contract barrel.  The barrel is P proofed.  The P shows that a high pressure test round was fired. I am unsure of the maker.  I checked when I bought it but cannot remember.

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