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  1. I've got a pair of brown holsters. Nothing fancy but not pricey. $80. Let me know and I can get you some pics.
  2. I hope so. A really nice Spencer rifle walked in to my local gun shop today. Built in 1864. I need it!
  3. Howdy, I've got a nice Ruger NMV for sale today. Stainless 4-3/4" barrel. Chambered in one of God's favorite cartridges .45 Colt. Less than 500 rnds on it....probably around 250. Includes the older grey plastic case. $650 plus shipping from my FFL to your FFL. I can do a USPS MO or discreet on line pp.
  4. Pat, believe me I have thought about it but my metal skills may not be up to that.
  5. Couple of things I never use up for sale. 1. Nice shotgun belt. Canvas and leather. 12 guage, .45 Colt. Approx. 43.5" to the center hole from the buckle. $60 plus a bit of shipping. 2. Mulemaster Shooter boots from Work-n-ranch. size 13 M. I only wore these around the house. Still have the tags on them. Slight tear on the one mule ear. Selling because they are a bit large on me. New these are $199. My price is $115 plus shipping. https://stores.worknranch.com/mulemaster-shooter-boot/ USPS MO or pp. If you need another payment method pm me.
  6. I've got a Cimmaron Arms 1872 Open Top in .38 special with a 7.5" barrel. I would really like a 5.5" or 4-3/4" barrel to go with my other one. I figure it would be cheaper to swap than to sell it and buy a new gun. So I'd like to swap barrel with some one or would swap the whole gun. I don't think I shot it more than a cylinder if that. It might be unfired. Shoot me a message if you are interested. Thanks!
  7. Hi, Not an RCMP gun. I believe that it was a British officer private purchase gun based on the caliber, when it was built, caliber and the London Proof House proofs.
  8. Still got this one. Couple of guys were interested but I've been sick so please pm me again and we will see what's up.
  9. Colt new Service. 4-1/2" barrel. Originally a .455 Eley now reamed out to .45 Colt Original blue is there but worn. Made in 1915 The NS is London Proof House proofed. I believe this was purchased by a British officer for WW1. $675 It will take some pretty good trading to get this one but I'm on a mil surp kick so give me shout if you are interested.
  10. I've got a decent Winchester 97 for trade. Details. Matching #'s. Cut back to 20" When I got it, it had a trenchgun heat shield on it. That is why the end of the barrel is worn. No issues with it.....except the guy running it. Some one did stamp there name on it. CH Davis so if that is your name, it literally has your name on it. I figure the value is around $500/spf I am looking for C&R/milsurp type guns. M38,m41 or M91 Carcanos Japanese T99
  11. Howdy, This is a .58 cal. Shoots a .577 Minie ball. Thanks.
  12. I realize that the paper has a different username. That is what I use on the MLF. I can post a pic with my SASS alias here if that bothers anyone.
  13. I have an un-fired Colt 3rd Generation Signature series Special Musket for sale. It is unfired. As new. No box, paperwork or extras. Just the rifle. $1050 plus shipping. I have a couple of electronic pay options or good old USPS MO. Trades. I could use a Rossi 92 Carbine. .45 Colt or .38/357 plus cash.
  14. I've got an original Winchester 1873 in .38-40 for sale. However it has "issues" It is an original gun made in the early 1880's. It was a round barrel 24" rifle. When I got it, it had already been re-blued and the barrel replaced. I had my smith cut it down to 20". Great little rifle. Runs fine but I'm sure a short stroke kit would make it even better. For a little more than the price of a new Rossi you can shoot an American classic. $850 plus some shipping. I will ship it directly to you if you are a member in good standing. I have at least 150 rnds or so of factory .38-40. A bunch of brass, new and 1X and at least 1,000 bullets that will be available to the buyer first.
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