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  1. I need to buy another one. Which one is the question.
  2. TL....I just googled Pietta Kirst Saber River 1860 to see what you were talking about. Man that is a nice gun!! I'm thinking I need one of those!! Shot my first open top this week. Really liking it....I need a second one now.
  3. good thread....................thanks for posting this.
  4. I have an excellent/like new Ruger Precision Rifle in .308.Rifle has less than 50 rnds down it per the previous owner. Looks like it to me.Gen 1? keymod rail no Mlok.Includes box, 1 mag and all the extras/paperwork that comes with it.Will ship with the original grip not the Coyote one shown.$1100 plus shipping.Trades Marlin in .45 colt Winchester 92 in .45 colt or .38-40 1860 henry in .45 Colt Sharps repro....1859/63 or the 1874. Other interesting Cowboy or BP guns.WW1 rifles/pistolsUSGI rifles. esp. 1903 Springfield or US 1917 Krag or Trapdoor I trade fairly and expect the same. If your gun is less you can add cash. If my gun is less, I will add cash. Please don't offer me a $700 gun straight across. Thanks!
  5. Duh!!.....T&C=Taylor and Company. I checked their site and the only barrel I found was $192 plus shipping. Where is the $150 one?
  6. T&C ? I'm not familiar with this vendor?
  7. Howdy, I'm looking for a decent used .38 cal cartridge or a shotgun belt with .38 loops. I would prefer a web or canvas one. Buckle to the center hole needs to be around 40" or a bit less. Shoot me pm if you can help me out! Thanks!
  8. Agreed. However I would be buying it from a guy in another state. No chance for me to slug it. He is going to take it to the range tomorrow and shoot it with commercial ammo. I will have to see what the results of that are.
  9. So I'm looking at an older used Marlin 1894 made by Marlin. It started life as a .44 mag but at some point it got bored out and rechambered for .45 Colt. The current owner has taken some calipers to it and as best as he can tell, it is .448 on the GROOVES. SAAMI spec is .452. A difference of .004". My question is how much of an issue is .004"? I've got a bunch of .45 Colt ammo and components. I really don't want to get into casting something special for one gun. EDIT> I was talking to him about the lands and he measured hte grooves. So it is undersized. Thanks!
  10. Sorry guys....sold pending funds. I never get emails from the wire....somebody must have done cut the telegraph wire! Seriously I am sorry for not seeing these replies. Yellowboy claimed it yesterday. Thanks smoke.
  11. I have a really nice Colt SAA clone for sale. Excellent condition .45 Colt caliber. Traditions model by Peitta. It has the 7.5" barrel. This is the version with a transfer bar safety like the Rugers have. It is very lightly used. I never shot it but I did buy it as used. If the other guy shot it, it was a only a few times. $400 plus shipping from my FFL to yours. Figure about $35. I can do discreet payment via pp or a USPS MO. SOLD PENDING FUNDS to Mt.Zion Yellowboy. TRADES> I can do part trades on ammo .45 ammo- Schofield, Cowboy special or Colt .45-70 ammo .38-40 ammo Pietta 51 Navy or 1860 Army Other BP handguns 1853 Enfield bp rifles-I would add some cash. Other cowboy stuff?
  12. I will take Shooting Sixguns of the Old West soft cover Mike Venturino $35 shipped
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