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Dakin Gun Co. Model 215, 10 Gauge, Sidelock

Pee Wee #15785

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DakinGun Co. 10 Gauge, Sidelock manufactured by Union Armera in Spain. Engraved Sidelock Hamerless Side by Side shotgun with Leather fitted carrying case. Found one that a local farmer owns, he's willing to sale but needs to know a good price for it. Looking at it I would say under a box fired and in the field only one or two times. He bought it sometime after getting out of the Army, late 1940's-eary 1960's. He has a box or two of hunting rounds for it if he can find them.

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Would need more info...single trigger...vented rib...believe it or not, the gun could be worth some $$


Not good for SASS...more of a collector piece because you can get better guns for the game for probably less money.



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