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How Much Would You Pay To Keep A Pet Alive?

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Many moons ago, I had a good friend in Alaska, who had a Jack Russel Terrier named Eddy. Eddy was an amazing little soul, and my buddy's constant companion.  One afternoon I stopped in for "coffee and lies", and noticed that Eddy was not in the house.  My buddy explained that Eddy had stopped eating and was unable to walk. It was 700+ air miles to Anchorage and the nearest vet.... He said that he had carried Eddy out to a spot and shot him.  There was a long silence, and then he said, "I took that rifle down to the Yukon, and threw that SOB as far out as I could."

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It's been a thousand or more a year in little chunks for the past few years because the Boobie, our rescue Pit mix, is subject to severe ear infections and has some allergies that require medication.  She's active and playful at thirteen years old and she makes Schoolmarm extremely happy, so nickeling and dimeing us is not that big of a problem!!


I've had dogs that passed peacefully ere at home and a couple that we had to send over by way of the vet.  I won't see a fur bearing family member suffer!!

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Growing up in ranch country, we learned that this ride has an end pretty quickly.  We loved 'em, and cared for them, but the country can be a harsh mistress, and they do come and go.


If my ol' man ever heard it cost $3000 to fix a pet, he'd have exploded in disbelief.  I can still hear him saying, "Kids,  Muffy's gone to heaven.  And God'll make another cat."


One of my sisters once spent a load on her cat.  I remember dad shaking his head.  "$3,000 dollars on a CAT?  Hell, I'm I'm not sure I would have spent $3,000 bucks on one of you kids!"





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