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First visit and I'm confused

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I'm not a regular to the TEAM SASS board and I don't get the point of Charlie Waite's posts.


It's just a picture with no text.  The thread title may sound interesting but I really don't get the picture thing.  


Somebody help me out here.  I'm really missing the point, if there is one.



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13 minutes ago, Injun Ryder, SASS #36201L said:

HC is correct.


I'm right - left dyslexic!:rolleyes:


Thass awright... I'm "vertically dyslexic."   Ofttimes can't tell up from down^_^ 

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Thanks.  The first post I just thought he forgot to post the story.  The second post I thought ????????.  The third, fourth and fifth post I thought WTH and started trying to figure out what the picture had to do with the heading and what made it worth posting.  Then I quit and figured whatever it was, it wasn't worth my time.  Kinda like when I miss a phone call.  If it's not important enough for the caller to leave a message, it's not important enough for me to call back.


Thanks again,



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