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Believe it or not but I have seen lots of .222 loaded ammo available at walmart lately.  Might try checking there for ammo to shoot then you will have brass.



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A friend recently bought an estate and I’m pretty sure he has some .222 brass in the bunch. It’s almost certainly 1x fired (not sure) and I think he wants $0.15 each for his rifle brass. If you’re interested I’ll call him this week to check stock and I’ll just pick em up and sell them straight over to you at $0.15 ea plus shipping in flat rate.  Let me know. Also let me know how many pieces you’re after. God knows when you’ll get em with the post office delays but if I ship after Christmas it’ll prob be faster!!


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I am not sure I have a lot of 223 brass and when my dies get here I will try and see if I can run them through it.  but really would prefer the real stuff.  I can get it from starline shipped for about 36 cents a round.  

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On 1/3/2021 at 8:41 AM, jemoore78 said:

I have some new 222 brass whats your address? (about 250)

J Moore. jemoore78@hotmail.com

I sent you and PM 

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