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Clay shooting and weather

Trigger Mike

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My 11 year old has a state shotgun match tomorrow.   Most have been in 80 degrees or higher in higher elevation.  Usually 150 miles from the coast.


This match is going to be in the 40s in the morning and 60s in the afternoon and near the coast as in 10 miles or less.  


He is shooting trap , skeet and sporting clays.   


He usually likes remington 1145 fps #8 12 gauge.  


Wind should be 10 to 15 mph 


He sometimes likes 7.5 shot at 1145.  Should he up it to the winchester 1200 fps 7.5 due to the elevation and temp or stay like he is?

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Stay with what he has. 

Shooting is as much mental as physical. Changing ammo won’t make that much of a difference in leads and other performance tweaks. But changing ammo will add elements into his thought process that he doesn’t need to have floating in his head. 

Lean forward. See the target. Smooth swing. Break the target. 

That’s all he needs to have in his head. 

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