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Fake Buntline Colts

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8 hours ago, Hardpan Curmudgeon SASS #8967 said:

I've seen a couple of real Colt SAA's blown up....  :mellow:


And one Vaquero.  :huh:

I bulged a cylinder on a SAA Colt .45, I doubled charged it. I was using 5.4 grs of Clays so I think I had 10.8 grs in one! Yikes! It didn't blow up just bulged the cylinder enough that it wouldn't turn. I bought a new cylinder from Brownells and a gunsmith friend of mine fit it. 

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It was kind of interesting in they talked about how they were poorly made and went in to some detail as why they'd blow up. Wyatt had to show the Indians what would happen if they tried to fire them by wedging the gun in some rocks and using a piece of rawhide to pull the trigger. One brave wouldn't believe him and had another fire a different one with the same effect. 

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