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Chiappa is now called charles daly

Trigger Mike

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Local store showed me a new toy, he said it is a 3 barreled shotgun by charles daly.  I looked and the tag said charles daly 410 for 1069.  I then looked at the barrel to see the size shell it would take and the barrel said chiappa.  


I mentioned to him the barrel said chiappa and he reiterated it is a charles daly as you order it through them.  


Looked neat, but I put it back.

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I bought an 1876 lever action rifle in .45-60a few years back (12 / 22/ 2007) from CDNN for $747.00 delivered.  It is marked Chaparral Repeating Arms on the top of the barrel and Charles DAILY  (That's the spelling as it appears on the rifle.) - KBI - HGB, Pa on the right side of the barrel in a single line just ahead of the receiver.  It has a genuine color case hardened receiver and side plates.  Fair but not spectacular walnut stocks, and a right nice blue job.


It isn't top quality , some sloppy parts fitting mostly, but it works if I remember to load the cases short.  The chamber is a bit short and one day I'll find someone with a reamer and have it worked on.  Not really worth my time and money, but it just bugs the bejabbers out of me to know it's not right.

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