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Hats for sale

Tyrel Cody

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1. DBarJ Gambler style 5x beaver, size 7 1/4, formerly owned by Slick McClade. $250 shipped.IMG_20190217_155232211-768x775.thumb.jpg.fa78a12b38a67976ec0fb82790fb1b32.jpgIMG_20190217_155240367-768x613.jpg.05da15be9b963ed74a12659812b3a958.jpgIMG_20190217_155251148-768x1009.thumb.jpg.36a06280fdde562ff87f3b4a3be4eb00.jpg


2. DBarJ Tycoon 7 1/8 long oval 10X beaver worn once by me. $300 shipped.





3. Hats by Grizz beaver felt Snowy White, not worn in a match, 7 1/8 long oval, cotton sweatband. $115 shipped.



4. Hats by Grizz beaver felt, mountain man hat, worn sparingly, 7 1/8" long oval, cotton sweatband. $125 shipped.



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Yer melons to tiny. I like the last two but they’re to small by a bunch.

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4 hours ago, Hillbilly Drifter said:

That dBarj Tycoon would fit my melon just right 

That’s a great buy on that hat. Today’s price would be pushing $600.00 from D-J. I’ve got 6 of their hats and they are very nice hats.

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