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Red Cent

deep breath, please

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If I were hiking and saw the forest floor do that I'd probably be back at the trailhead in 2.3 seconds. :blink:

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Yup.  I've seen it.


Neighbor had a row of eucalyptus trees along our property line... big windstorm and one came down, taking out our electric service.  


I'm outside surveying the damage, when I looked up and here came the sheriff's deputy, followed by a fire truck, followed by a power company truck, followed by a local TV news truck. Neighbor had some electrical skills, so I drafted him to help with repairs.  Eight hours later we were back online.  


I suggested to the neighbor (a good friend) that he might consider removing some of the trees... he said that topping or trimming should be good enough.


One week later to the hour, another windstorm.  I went outside to "check stuff out," and the ground was doing exactly that around two of the larger remaining eucalyptus trees.  It was the weirdest looking thing, heaving and twisting like the devil himself was trying to break out of Hell.  I quickly moved a couple of vehicles away, then called the neighbor to come out and take a look.


He comes out, sees the ground moving, and said that after the storm he'd set out to trim the trees. I again suggested that he might want to think about removing some of the trees; he again said that topping or trimming a few should suffice. As soon as he said that, WHAM! down came a tree, ripped right out of the ground. This time taking out HIS electric service.  It actually ripped the weather head, service riser, meter, and breaker box off the house.  This wasn't going to be an eight hour repair.


"Yup!" sez neighbor.  "They gotta go!" 


He took 'em all out - about forty trees.






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