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S & W 327 in 357

Trigger Mike

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I ran up on a lightly used S & W 327 in 357 at a store today.  It tried to follow me home but wanted 900 cash first so I told her to sit down and be quiet.  I got to hold her first though.  Excellent feel in the grip.  5 inch barrel makes it not really concealable.  it had the under the barrel rail for a light and above the frame rail for a scope.  gold bead front sight that could be seen with the rail attached.  good balance.  seemed an excellent firearm from what i could tell.  My son wanted it to come home with him but the dealer told him to get a job and I said Im not giving a $1000 gun to a 12 year old while Im alive anyway.  He wants it to kill snakes etc.  It really seemed the only practical use might be on the night stand with a flashlight connected to it.  It did make a lasting impression though

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I don't know that particular gun.


The 27 is blue steel.


The SIX-27 is the same gun in stainless.


Either of these would be fine guns.


But a THREE-27? Usually the THREE prefix means it's an AirLite - Scandiim or Titanium framed.


No thank you. 


I've got a couple of Titanium 32 H&Rs, and they kick enough.


An AirLite 357? Makes my hands and wrists hurt just thinking about it.

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I have a 327 Night Guard and if I had the expendable income I would own the 327 with the 5” barrel too.

Mine has the Scandium frame. 2 1/2” barrel with the tritium front sight. The rubberized grips. 8 round cylinder. 

Out of all my guns it is one of my favorites. If I had to give up all my guns but one I am pretty sure it would be the 327 that I would hang on to.

It has a kick with .357 but it isn’t bad at all.

If you buy one, Trigger Mike, don’t bother with the rubber speed loaders but I do believe the model you are looking at takes moon clips. You can also load it without the moon clips. You can get 8 round speed loaders but they aren’t cheap.

My 327 will not take moon clips.

The only complaint I have about mine is the rear sight. It is a screw mounted fixed sight and there are no other sight options available that I am aware of.


I do believe if you bought that gun you would not regret it.

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Trying to justify in my mind what I would use a 5 inch barrel pistol for. Too big for concealed carry. With the flashlight mounted it'd be a good fit for the night stand. That's about it that I can think of unless used for walking in the woods. 

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Truck / car gun.

Woods gun.

Target gun.

House gun.

Cool 8 Shot revolver gun.

$900+ in your pocket if you leave it where it is, gun.

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