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Heartbreak in Paradise

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Some of you may know from prior posts that my wife and I love the British Virgin Islands.  We charter sailboats out of Tortola.  I'm passionate about the sailing, my wife about the beaches.  The food, the drinks, the people - all very special and unique.  If I could afford it, I would live there.  Or I would have, before this all happened.


I previously posted images of the massive damage caused by this year's hurricanes.  Houses and businesses flattened.  Cars and trucks thrown about like Tonka toys.  Thousands of boats damaged beyond repair, or resting on the bottom.  Complete and utter destruction.  Nothing - not anything - left intact.  But my biggest concern was for good friends living on Virgin Gorda.  After months of no contact, we finally received an email today.  It is a tale of woe.


Formerly a sailboat charter captain and mate, this husband and wife team are honest, resourceful people.  They have worked long and hard to build a life.  In a matter of hours, it is all gone.  They watched their new (uninsured) car fly over their home and crash in a totalled heap on its roof.  Their newly built home is largely gone.  Their boat is gone.  Their possessions are gone.  They now stand guard over a hole in the ground, armed only with a flare pistol, trying to fend off looters and thieves, and hold on to their food and whatever else they have been able to scrounge.  They have no electricity or phone; cell service is spotty at best; they are using a truck battery and a marine solar panel, tied to a marine water pump, to pump water for a toilet.  They have no indication of when building materials may become available, or when power might be restored.


They are extremely disappointed with the government and its lackluster response to this disaster.  


Their only hope is that they can hang on long enough to rebuild their home, and then sell it and come home to the States.  And try to start all over again.

A nightmare; a total nightmare.

Next time someone laughs at you for preparing to meet a disaster, or calls your concerns regarding self-defense unrealistic or exaggerated,  think about this.  And then go buy another shotgun and some plywood.


Like many others, I am crushed.  So much loss.  The end of so many dreams.


I will try to remember brighter days.





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sad,,,, tortuously so,,,,


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took my wife on a windjammer cruise in the '80's (BVI) as a graduation present when she finished her masters.

absolutely gorgeous scenery, diving, and the nicest people I had ever met.

Every day was a new adventure big and small

Such a loss to the world that so much is gone and I can only pray the loving spirit of the locals does not become diminished by this devastating blow.



:FlagAm: :FlagAm: :FlagAm:


Gateway Kid

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Sorry to hear of your friends plight.  Unfortunately, Mother Nature is one tough customer.  I pray assistance finally arrives and they are able to get back on their feet again soon.

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