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Saturday night at the movies - westerns on YouTube

Warden Callaway

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Really strange spaghetti western with Telly Savalas.  Viewer warning.  Lots of abuse of the female character.  



A new that's so bad they didn't turn the lights on when they made it. I hate the new trend in action movie making where they shoot so many dark scenes you never see what's going on. Tell me how you liked it.

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I normally wouldn't post B westerns but this one is uploaded in good quality and it has an early John Wayne.  Plus it has Billy Curtis,  star of The Terror of Tiny Town!  



Pretty good Audie Murphy movie. Kind of on the Red River theme.  

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Here is one of my most favorite westerns.   This is a good copy where the voices are in sync with the video all the way through.  



Here is an old B+ western that is in reality good shape.  Maybe because it shows African Americans in a stereotype roles so now it's not politically adaptable.   Post War Between the States, the former slaves still support their former masters (like Gone With the Wind).  Our local history support this happening and also the post war suffering do to the carpet baggers and corruption of appointed government officials.  In any case, it's a John Wayne movie when he was in his prime.


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This one won't allow embedding.  Made for a TV pilot staring Phil Silvers and Jack Benny.   Also has about a who's who cast of western bad men like Lee Van Cleef, Jack Elem, etc. Otherwise really awful 1960s vintage TV editing with laugh track.  A wayback hoot.




The Slowest Gun in the West (1960)
The town of Primrose, Arizona is beset by outlaws, so the towns people hire Fletcher Bissell III, a.k.a. The Silver Dollar Kid, as their new Sheriff. Fletcher is so cowardly, the townsfolk are sure that the local outlaws will be too proud to gun him down. This proves to be the case, and the outlaws hire their own cowardly gunfighter, Chicken Farnsworth, to go up against The Silver Dollar Kid.



If you don't like to read subtitles,  this one's not for you.  Over half is in Chinese with subtitles.  


The story of Chinese immigrants to west coast during the 1870s.  You got good Chinese fighting bad Chinese and Chinese fighting the local thugs.   Filmed in Utah.  Otherwise,  well done and different.  

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Good Randolph Scott as Wyatt Earp western.  Kind of a remake of John Ford's My Darling Clementine.  Yet another fictionalized version of the shootout at the OK carral.



Bob Hope, Jane Russell,  Roy Rogers and Trigger. 

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