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Saturday night at the movies - westerns on YouTube

Warden Callaway

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I don't often include B-Westerns in this collection but this one is pretty neat in that John Wayne and Walter Brennan actually play small parts low on the billing.  But when it was re-released,  their billing were moved up to second and third.  John Wayne is easy enough to spot but you may have to listen for Walter Brennan to speak to recognize him.  Notice the 10 gallon hats and the big fancy gunbelt worn by Tim McCoy.  



This is more of an A-Western.  Lots of two-gun action, hard riding, shot on location,  etc.  Too bad the background gets to swimming a little and sound is out of sinc in places.


Feel free to comment if you watch these YouTube videos.  Share some you've found and enjoyed. 

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Pretty nice set of pistols and belt rig an old retired gunfighter is carrying.  Plus a big hammer double.  You'll cry at the ending.  



Yes, typical Laurel and Hardy slapstick comedy but in an old west setting.   A lot of old western movie actors in supporting roles.   See if you can spot a very early Chill Wills.  Really good video restore.

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John Wayne's first staring role.  Shot in Grandeur 70mm format being the first unique wide screen movies. It was simultaneously shot in 36mm with 7 defendant cast for general releases in U.S. and foreign countries.  You will recognize parts of this movie used in many other movies made years later. 

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David O. Selznick wanted to top his Gone With the Wind movie but missed big time. The film was nicknamed "Lust in the Dust", which would later serve as the inspiration for the film Lust in the Dust.



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I didn't think that much of this movie but it was voted very best movie of the year by Films and Filming magazine in 1971.  7/10 rating.  



I avoid posting old B-Western movies but this one was remastered or something and is of very high quality.  It's also got George Hayes before he became "Gabby".   It's fun to see him slicked up and playing a straight role.  Also,  "Snowflake" black character actor.  And if the black woman looks familiar but not quite right,  it's Edda McDaniel, sister of Gone With the Wind Hattie McDaniel.  

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