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Saturday night at the movies - westerns on YouTube

Warden Callaway

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Bob Steel stared in a lot of B-Westerns and then faded into supporting roles then to uncredited.  Here is one that is well preserved and shows him doing some gun handling tricks. 

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46 minutes ago, Trailrider #896 said:

Haven't had time to look at them all, but did anyone mention, "The Hallaluyah Trail" with Burth Lanchaster, Donald Pleasance, et al?  A hilarious spoof of Westerns. Donald Pleasance as "Oracle Jones" (drink, drink, "Ah, now I see it!" :lol:


It's most likely somewhere in this post because I have in in my "good westerns" playlist on YouTube.



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Lots of other western movie stars hidden in this movie.  Victor Jory plays the main character but his buddies are Alen Ladd (hard to recognize him in back with dark hair) and Eddie Dean.  His Mexican sidekick is Noah Beery.  Tom Tyler is the bad sheriff.  Russell Haydon.  Zane Grey story.




This thumbnail has nothing to do with this movie.  The title is These Thousand Hills. Quality Cenimascope picture.   More of a western soap opera. 

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Here are two really good Burt Landcaster movies free with ads on YouTube.  They will likely go away after some time.  


Vera Cruse with Burt Lancaster and Gary Cooper. 



The Scalphunters with Burt Lancaster and Ozzy Davis, Telly Sevalas, Shelley Winters.

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