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Lookin' to ID a bullet source or a mold (mold 1st choice)

Cheyenne Ranger, 48747L

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One of my friends got a Thunderer in 45 Colt--as this rifle was never designed for the 45 Colt it requires a certain shape bullet for successful loading

He does buy commercially loaded ammo that works and wants me to cast that shape--I CAN'T FIGURE OUT WHAT IT IS!

Picture shows it to the right of a Lee 255 gr RNFP 

It is 250 grains and must be coated as there are no lube grooves. Weight could be lower as long a nose matches 

Lube grooves or not either would be fine as long as nose matches. I powder coat so grooves are optional

from the pic you can see it has a different radius and smaller meplat


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Ranger , check out Accurate Molds from Salt Lake City. If you don't see one in his catalog that would work for you , he will build one to your specs.

Excellent molds , can be had in iron , aluminum , or brass.

Worth a look , Rex :D

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454190_250g.gif  Ideal 454190. Is the regular standard .45 Colt's. (PB, 255 - TP is 190)
Accurate molds has the clone mold of the Ideal bullet

This bullet is the 45LC reloads for my Taurus Thunderbolt

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