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Bucks Beavers Flux

Hoosegow Hank #21444

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Nope, the usual suspects for Casting accessories no longer list it. If I remember right, Midway was where I got the can, ten years ago, that I hardly used because I found it was a very nasty sticky messy flux that did not do a good job. I would suggest that it is no longer being sold because it was never that good in the first place.


I recommend one or more of the following VERY CHEAP fluxes:


1. Wood chips and shavings. My planer makes lots of pine chips quickly from old 2x4's


2. Paraffin wax or better yet, beeswax candle shavings.


3. 2 cycle motor (fuel-mix) oil. Some of the best stuff for bringing dross and dirt up out of a melting pot.


4. 20 MuleTeam Borax. Makes a little bit of a sticky flux if the melt is too hot, and will soak up atmospheric water, so you have to stir it in carefully.


Yes, all of them (except borax) will smoke. A propane torch held next to the pot will let you burn off almost all the smoke.


I've used Marvelux, available from Midway and Brownells, but I find it hardly any better than Buck Beavers, and it tended to accelerate rust on my casting tools.


Good luck, GJ

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You can flux lead with almost anything. I simply use an ugly lubed bullet as flux. After lube sizing I always seem to have a few ugly bullets with defects I did not notice before sizing. Next casting session I simply throw in the reject bullets, stir, let the smoke clear, and start to cast.

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I knew a commercial caster that put several bullets in the pot with the smokeless lube in them. He scooped the dross of and put it in a box. I remelted this dross with good flux and found 68% of his dross was lead.

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