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.38-40 loads?

Neuse Rivers

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I just acquired my first bottle-necked cartridge revolver, and the seller gave me some brass and some 140gr and 180gr bullets. So, naturally I'd like to load some. Black Powder loads are not a problem. But, I'd like to load some smokeless too. I have a little Red Dot, and some Clays, so I can use either.

Can anyone e-mail me with their favorite pistol loads (if you use either of these powders), (I've looked up the mfg's load data on-line, but I'd like some cowboy-users input), to NeuseRivers@Yahoo.com




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I sent an email for the 180 grain bullets.

I have no experience with the 140 grain bullets.

Make sure that you read the note about crimp grooves. .401 come with grooves or smooth sided.

You did not mention what typw of gun you are shooting.

If you are at the Salisbury ONSP match, you are welcome to try some of my loads in an original 1892.

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NR, I just reread your post. You did say revolver. The crimp groove is less critical in a revolver than a tube magazine. Give me a 5-second penalty for a miss.


I looked for more info on the 140 grain. The only bullet weights for the .38WCF in my books are 155, 170 and 180.

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