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  1. Hi, What width are they?  Can you tell me who made them?



  2. I don't know if this is the proper place to post this, but I don't see anywhere to leave feedback about some of the great people I've dealt with here. I'm not a member yet, I'll fix that soon. But, I've bought several items on the Classified Wire to help me get started. I have had flawless dealings with Colorado Coffinmaker (thanks!), Bob Lee Swagger, JD Alan, Lost Vaquero, and Rattlesnake Slim. All shipped very quickly and I couldn't ask for the transactions to go any smoother. SASS has some great folks! Thank you! NR
  3. I've just got a pair of .36 cal BP guns back from a terrific gunsmith (thanks!) and was wondering if anyone can recommend a source for .36 cal conical lead projectiles? NR
  4. I was wondering because a friend has a reproduction .31 c&b pistol that he'll let me have cheap. I'm not speedy and don't come close to winning anything. So, speed wouldn't matter.
  5. I was wondering if .31 cal BP revolvers are legal for pocket pistol side matches. I've never seen one of these matches, so just wanted to know. NR
  6. http://s1174.photobucket.com/user/bigsix2/media/20170122_143714_zpstvyuzqqg.jpg.html?sort=3&o=21174.photobucket.com/user/bigsix2/media/20170122_143636_zpsofwpykew.jpg.html?sorthttp://s1174.photobucket.com/user/bigsix2/media/20170122_143926_zpstekjiutn.jpg.html?sort=3&o=0=3&o=4//s1174.photobucket.com/user/bigsix2/media/20170122_143636_zpsofwpykew.jpg.html?sort=3&o=4
  7. I just acquired my first bottle-necked cartridge revolver, and the seller gave me some brass and some 140gr and 180gr bullets. So, naturally I'd like to load some. Black Powder loads are not a problem. But, I'd like to load some smokeless too. I have a little Red Dot, and some Clays, so I can use either. Can anyone e-mail me with their favorite pistol loads (if you use either of these powders), (I've looked up the mfg's load data on-line, but I'd like some cowboy-users input), to NeuseRivers@Yahoo.com Thanks NR
  8. We had milk delivered. Dang, I remember the milk box and them glass bottles. Bread and cookies got delivered. I remember catching a ride on the Entenmann's truck as he buzzed around the neighborhood. Soda got delivered. I remember our German Shepherd was out in the yard one day while the soda guy was delivering. Oops! Everybody knew everybody and looked out for each other. Ike was in the White House, Howdy Doody was on the TV, I had gotten the training wheels off my bicycle and all was right with the world! What did I know? I had my candy cigarettes so I was happy.
  9. Maybe one day when I grow up, this might be a problem for me. I don't come anywhere no where near running a gun as fast as it can go.
  10. The R&D Cylinder is a .45 I use regular .45 Colt cases and a load approximating my powder and ball load. https://www.midwayusa.com/product/1973123201/howell-old-west-conversions-conversion-cylinder-45-caliber-ruger-old-army-black-powder-revolver-45-colt-long-colt-6-round
  11. Thanks! I checked like you said and mine has the roll pin, and falls outside that serial number range.
  12. I don't know how or why. I hear about people lucking into great deals now and then, but never me. Well, it finally happened! I've been looking for a compact carry gun. I have full size pistols, but a compact semi is what I wanted. After looking for awhile, I dropped into a local gun shop yesterday just window shopping. I was looking at their used and consignment stuff when I saw a Springfield XDS. The price tag said 225.00 I had to look twice, it still said 225.00 I asked one of the folks there about it, and he said the owner of the gun had just put it on consignment and wanted to move it. We took it out of the case, with their permission I cycled it, triggered, etc. inspected it closely. Dang! without firing it, I couldn't find anything wrong. I walked out with that little gem, straight to the range. Works perfectly. Who else has fallen into a rare great deal?? Merry Christmas! NR
  13. There is already a ".22 division" for younger shooters. I haven't seen any older shooters wanting to shoot .22s (I are one) and I'm thinking since I can't run with the big dogs, I might go for more noise and try Black Powder and a larger bore rifle. I'm in this game to relive my childhood fantasies of the Old West (real or not)!
  14. Sir, I tried to send you a PM also. Can I ask you a question re: a Marlin Rifle? Thank you NR
  15. It's time ...https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/your-brain-food/201010/how-coffee-and-donuts-enhance-memory How Coffee and Donuts Enhance MemoryDonuts and coffee, they're what your brain wants Sometimes, what our brain wants is not always good for our bodies. Donuts are a good example. It is early morning and you're driving to work after a nice breakfast of black coffee and two eggs, easy-over, with bacon. Yet, you're still hungry and having difficulty paying attention to the traffic. Why? Your brain is not cooperating because it is not satisfied with that breakfast because it lacked one critical ingredient that your brain urgently needs, sugar. You have been fasting since dinner last night and your blood levels of sugar have fallen to very low levels. From your brain's perspective, sugar is indispensable. It will do whatever is necessary to convince you to eat sugar as often as possible. Why? Your brain needs sugar (usually in the form of glucose) to function normally. The billions and billions of neurons in your brain require a constant supply of sugar to maintain their ability to produce energy and communicate with other neurons. Your neurons can only tolerate a total deprivation of sugar for a few minutes before they begin to die. Therefore, as blood levels of sugar decrease with the passage of time since your last meal, you begin to experience a craving for food, preferably something sweet. Essentially, the presence of sugar in your brain is considered normal, and its absence leads to the feeling of craving and the initiation of hunting or foraging behaviors, such as seeking out a vending machine for some cupcakes or a candy bar. Once inside the brain, sugar is also used to produce a very important neurotransmitter chemical call acetylcholine. Acetylcholine allows you to learn and remember, to regulate your attention and mood, and to control how well you can move. Your brain makes acetylcholine from choline, which is obtained from the diet, and from acetyl groups that originate from the metabolism of sugar. We frequently obtain choline in our diet by eating lecithin. Lecithin can be found in many different bakery goods such as donuts and cupcakes and is commonly added to chocolate. Thus a tasty chocolate covered donut first thing in the morning is going to provide your brain with everything it needs to pay attention and learn new things. Sadly, those eggs and bacon that you had for breakfast were completely insufficient for the task of preparing your acetylcholine neurons to function. As the day progresses your acetylcholine neurons are busy consuming choline and sugar as you spend your day thinking and learning. However, as evening arrives you cannot help but notice that you're having trouble paying attention and you're experiencing a little mental slowing. What's happening to your acetylcholine neurons and what can you do about it? The cure for our mental slowing: coffee. While we were busy thinking and learning all day another neurotransmitter chemical was increasing in concentration and it has slowly and powerfully begun to turn off our acetylcholine neurons. This chemical is called adenosine. Adenosine inhibits the function of acetylcholine neurons our brains and the longer we are awake the more persuasive is its influence. The caffeine in our coffee is able to prevent the actions of adenosine and release our acetylcholine neurons from their chemical shackles; our attentiveness improves and we are ready for anything - at least until the caffeine effect wears off. So, tomorrow morning do not fight the urge to stop for coffee and donuts. It's what your brain wants you to do. Now please go back and read the first sentence again.
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