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Tom Payne 13115

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With this match only attracting something like 80 shooters, is it really necessary to have it spread out over 3 days plus a warm up day?

If EOT started on the Monday there is 4 days of cost savings, especially for those who have to motel it, that's approx $800.00 ??

This could easily be shot in 2 days like WR and still have plenty of time for WB side matches.

And this could be an attraction to attract more WB shooters travelling from afar,.....any thoughts out there?

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At one time I thought the same thing but after shooting both for several years I now disagree. The WB at WR is more like a Cowboy match. The round round is much lower (20-10-6) and the targets are bigger and closer. This makes for fast stages and fast times. By contrast EoT will have 25 to 30 pistol each stage and the targets will be further out and smaller. The difference is like comparing 100 yard dash to a 1 mile race. Each take different strategies and both are fun and I enjoy shooting both.


In order to make EoT a two day ten stage match you would have to write stages like WR. So both matches would become alike and you get boring. Instead of ruining a challenging match, why aren't you complaining about the two days between the WB match and the CAS match? Many state matches wrap up WB one day and start CAS the next. So why does WB at EoT end on Monday and CAS start on Thursday? If you want to campaign for a shorter EoT, work on those two days.

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Take your point on the style of match there Frank, but still think 6 challenging stages can be shot in a day. Maybe if could be only 10 stages, 5 per day?

Last year stages were finished by lunch time, so another two could easily be fitted in.

As for the two days in between, well yes I agree maybe that could be cut down to one, but there is a lot of other side events & other things happening on those days too. And then there are two warm up days, only one at WR, with more shooters.!

Some shooters shoot in ALL warm up matches, on both days! Kudos to them, but......

And by the way, I'm not complaining, just trying to see what other shooters and potential new EOT shooters think.!........as per Lead Foots post.

If WB did move to Monday and Tuesday and the WB side matches be Scheduled alongside other side matches on those other two in between days, then you don't have WB side matches on the WB match day.

Could the BAM match be run the same time thereabouts as long range? Or after one of the WB main match days if time.

There seems to be some scope to maybe compress the event without too much change, and am pretty certain EOT would attract more entries overall.

Just the view from my wagon. :) :)

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(After attending, shooting and helping with every Wildbunch World Championship EOT has had, this is my opinion) Some posse's are slow and some are fast. Most shooters are older and some are younger. 5 to 6 stages of wild bunch at EOT in one day can be very taxing on shooters and help since it requires more shooting, targets, and cleanup. especially when its 100+ degrees out. I have shot Wildbunch all sorts of ways at EOT. 10 stage match.12 stage. 2 days, 3 days yadadadada. CAS usually is shooting warm up matches and side matches of all kinds starting monday on through the week. EOT is a world championship and IMO the match should be shot like it is a world championship. WB has lots of side matches and warmups as well just like CAS.

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As it is, the first couple of days coincide with the Hell On Wheels shoot at Cheyenne. It used to be, I believe, that HOW was after EOT and one could do both. Now, if you want to do HOW then the WB shoot at EOT is out or vice versa. I'm planning on going to EOT this year, but I can't get there for the WB shoot or, for that matter, the HOW shoot. Would have liked to do both as I have the time after EOT.

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