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Sale on Hold until I can figure out who did the action job.......... Bolt underside signed

Bolt picture is 8 of the set



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About two months ago I traded a 73 for a Marlin 24 cowboy limited for my wife. Recently I picked up another cowboy limited from a guy out of Florida for playing with "B" western on occasion. Well to make a long story short I don't like shooting double strong cause I've been cross draw for 15 years. So I have more than I need.


This rifle is Mint with no dings, dents or scratches, I added the Palo Verde light springs to the hammer but left everything else alone.If you're looking for an outstanding JM Marlin in 357 this is it. I have 1250 in it and I'll part with it for the same money.


Price 1250 includes shipping and ins to your FFL..........


Thanks RT



Are we going to see your better half on the range soon? Hope so!



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Hey Rick, starting to work with her on dry practice but she vasalates between wanting to and not. Right now she is willing to practice once in awhile with me. This is the second time I've tried. We will see. She checks when I sell something to be sure it wasn't her gun... Starting to show some ownership desire..... . RT

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