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"Stuff" on oilskin that's been in garage for over a year

Cheyenne Ranger, 48747L

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can't tell if my oilskin has developed some mold or what.


while overall dirty from table saw there are locations were I have about pencil eraser sized greenish spots.


While they never seem be larger they do vary in amounts on various places on coat.


Big question is if it is a bit of mold how to remove it


Going to go with dry stiff brush with breathing mask as a start.


someone suggested hydrogen peroxide. Not thinking bleach is a good thing to try.


Might go with a bit of Dawn and water with stiff brush and good rinsing.


Open to knowledge of wire






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There is a leather label sewn into mine. It reads:


Clean your oilskin by hanging it up and hosing it down with cold water. Use a brush or sponge to remove tougher dirt.Hang in an airy location to dry or to store out of season. Periodically use "Outback's Duckback" reproofing cream to re-seal seams, friction points and to touch up "dry" areas.


I'd like to make mine a little softer, it will literally stand in a corner by itself after years of use including several hundred miles on a motorcycle in the rain. At this rate I don't expect to ever have to re-treat it in my lifetime!


Hope it helps,


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That stuff could be mouse pee and poop.


I'd follow the directions in a Eyesa's post.


The treatment cream will likely make it softer and repel moisture better


If it's pretty old, with little or no care, it might be rotten and tear and come apart,

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