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SAA 'smith in/around Gulf Coast?

Chief Rick

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Reputable and fairly quick turn-around.


I need to have one of my short-stroked Pietta Eliminator 8's worked on.


Timing is off.


Would prefer somewhere I could hop on the motorcycle and deliver it instead of having to ship it off. If I have to ship it off I'll contact Lassiter or Cody.


I have a good 'smith locally but he could have it for a week or a month or ....

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Alan Harton in Houston if you want perfection and can wait.



Slick McClade in Louisiana if you want fast and great.


Good luck, GJ

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Rick, do you remember Jack Goodman? Jack was a marine armorer, worked for American Western Arms, Colt, and finally moved back home to Vidalia. He has worked on a couple of my Colts and I have an open top he did for a friend. They are smooth! You could drop your pistols off with me next weekend and He may have them by Hellfire. Call me at the bank. Irish Pat

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