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Do you have a favorite pistol shooting sequence/sweep?

Chief Rick

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The Hawkeye Gin sweep very similar to hoot sweep, 6 targets from either end single tape 1st target, double tap the second target ,single tap alternate for four rounds on the two middle targets, then a double tap , then a single


It's pretty easy if you use a different shape target or different color for the targets that are second from either end


Shot order from left to right

(1 ) (2/3 ) (4/6 ) (5/7 ) (8/9 ) (10)


To me it's really fun with rifle, it's really easy with pistols as with the hoot sweep

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Be aware, that sweep came to hOOt in a vision and I fondly remember him getting a P on his own sweep.

Yup, the second time I shot it in a match........embarrassed? Heck no!! We all got a good laugh!!

(but Arrow wasn't supposed to remember that)



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