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  1. Title says it all, are they harder to go off with lightened springs ? AO
  2. Congratulations ! What a great match! Too many folks to list, but I will try: CC Top has a great crew, Deuce Stevens writing the stages and shoot off set up was great. Misty Moonshine & Ruby Ruthless did a great job with registration and all the behind the scenes stuff. I’m sure there’s some folks I’m missing but what a great place Paradise Pass is, it’s aptly named. Congratulations to all the winners overall lady Midwest Hale & Mens winner Cumberland Kid . AO
  3. Branchwater Jack thanks for making these videos but what about this I have a question or more a clarification, when there is a stage that has pistol or rifle knockdowns and make ups are with a different firearm do you have to actually fire 10 shots or prescribed rds from the 1st gun ? example, if say shooter jacks a rd or two can they move on and make up with the gun used for make ups and not be penalized for jack rds ? could also be a bad rd in revolver or miscount with revolvers And this would be SASS rules, not special stage instructions AO
  4. Midwest Hale doesn’t really go on the wire but I told her about the congratulations thread going and she really liked & appreciates the kind words. She shot a dang good match had one miss and a few bobbled shotgun shells, she could of actually shot better is the scarier thing. She won the lady’s shoot off then beat the mens shoot off winner, Quite the weekend for her for sure. AO
  5. I slam fire every shot with my 97 unless there’s a clay bird waiting for a reactionary target. Hold on tight with my right hand (holding to my shoulder tight so gun doesn’t move around) and slam the forend at the target I want to hit. AO
  6. What seems to work fastest for cleaning the brass carrier on ‘73 with smokeless residue ? the other day I was cleaning one that seemed to take forever AO
  7. I really like at big matches where they will do top 5 stage times & read off stage time & shooter starting at 5th place and working up & stage winner is, 1st time I saw this was Mule Camp many years ago, San Quentin did a great job reading them off. AO
  8. I didn’t care for rank scoring but I do like stage rankings makes it easy to see how you did on each stage. AO
  9. Thanks for posting ! Fun day helping with the match and watching Hayley (Midwest Hale) put together a pretty flawless performance. Lady’s put this match on your calendar for next year, 5th weekend in April AO
  10. Fun to watch Midwest Hale put together 6 great stages ! Fun watching some first time lady shooters. Next year is going to be even bigger ! AO
  11. I responded to PM’s , sorry I did not get back to you guys quicker. AO
  12. For Sale Ruger 32 H&R Magnums with 4 5/8” barrels CCH frame & blued, the CCH is in good shape maybe a little weak opposite side of loading gate pretty typical of Ruger tried to capture in pics, bluing is near perfect with very little holster wear. The cylinder has the ring around. These guns are stock unmodified with transfer bars & no action work and sights are also stock unmodified. I picked these up in a package deal, someone getting out of CAS that never started $1800 shipped to your FFL (has to except from individual) or Face to face in Florida, I will be at GA ST & Indiana ST as well the only trades I would consider would be SKB 12 GA, or New Ruger Vaqueros in 38/357 AO
  13. Cool rifle ! with engraved wood & doesn’t have the crescent AO
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