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  1. Contact Sauk Valley Stubby. He's in charge of the Swap Meet and can give you the straight scoop on the details prior to having it on the website. He is listed on the Hidden Valley info page under the Clubs dropdown on the Wolverine Rangers website. Hope this helps. hOOt
  2. Ya said a mouthful right there Slim, but our new Governor said a few thousand times she was gonna "fix the damn roads". We'll need a hefty trailer to get that puppy back to Indiana. Interesting idea..........
  3. If'n ya need a third driver, lemme know. Got some experience, could probly cut down on yer elapsed time.......
  4. 3.0 grains of Red Dot behind Deuce's 110 WITH 1.440 OAL. My standard load for rifle and pistols.
  5. Ya gotta watch out for certain golf carts at Ohio!
  6. Slim, you started something at Ohio. Ever since, I get no respect at all hOOt PS: Smokestack, you are correct on the shooting pattern
  7. Kaya, that's awesome. Keep up the good work!
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