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  1. I’ve been procrastinating for some time about letting these go, but since they haven’t been used in more than three matches in the last few years someone should get some good from them. Ruger New Model Vaqueros (not sequential) in great condition, polished Stainless Steel with SBH hammers and Wolff Spring Kits. Original boxes and manuals (shown) $1800 shipped from my ffl to your ffl.
  2. Slim, it’s yours. Let me know when you are coming and I’ll figger out some trouble we can get into!!
  3. For sale is a Dillon RL550 in very good condition. Set up for Large primers Included are 2 Quick Change tool heads (pictured) 45 LC with Dillon dies 45acp with Lyman Dies 5 large primer pickup tubes Roller Handle Strong Mount Bullet Tray Spent primer funnel and tube (original tray included) One tool head stand The box for the 45acp caliber conversion Failsafe rods for each assembly. (acp tool head has old style powder bar actuator) $600 plus shipping
  4. UniqueTek Micrometer Powder Bar Kit $60 UniqueTek T1429 Shellplare Illuminator $15 These are new and will enhance your Dillon 550/650 Prices plus shipping Thanks for looking
  5. Dillon Eliminator Powder Scale New never used $50 plus shipping
  6. Lee Bench Plate for quick changes on your bench This is new in the original box 20 bucks plus shipping
  7. Mec 600 jr 12 gauge reloading press This is a complete older model but in good condition, has the early all metal crimp die. Upgraded the charge bar to the newer style, will include the old one. Used but not abused! $125 plus shipping
  8. Sorry Jack, just sold to Caladisi
  9. Still purging: Dillon 14405 Die Set for 45LC plus Caliber Conversion Will include a bare tool head just because $120 plus shipping
  10. More purging: Hornady Custom Grade New Dimension Die Set $40 plus shipping
  11. Purging items no longer needed: Lee 90762 Die Set $29 Lee 90853 Factory Crimp Die $9 Lee Case Length Gauge (new) $7 19 pcs Winchester Shellcases (new) $10 97 pcs cast RNFP 243g .377 dia 3 lube grooves $15 86 pcs cast RNFP 243g .377 dia 2 lube grooves $13 All for $80 plus shipping
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