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What is the best starting line you've heard?

Korupt Karl

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Wyatt; I thought you'd be taller.


We used the "Shoot low they are riding Shetland Ponies" at Saturday's match and Crazy Mingo took the bunt of the altered lines....lol, but he's a good sport.


One of my all time favorite lines is: "This is what we call a Missouri Boat Ride" "We showed em good, didn't we Josie" and anything else Clint Eastwood said.....



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Heard awhile ago on a youtube video: "We don't have to chop the firewood Mother, Daddy said he's coming home loaded."

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Rope my legs and call me doggie.


Sell my clothes I'm goin to heaven.


I set a stage that used a rubber chicken as a prop. The shooter had to carry the chicken as they moved from window to window. instead of a starting line you had to squeeze the chicken and it made a god awful crowing sound. Most everyone's composure was totally blown, most fun stage I ever set.

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