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  1. It was a great match! Love being able to cross the border again to shoot. Love the BAMM rifle match, keep it up. Looking forward to next year already.
  2. My wife and I are currently in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan for the Western Canadian Regionals. Yesterday we visited the local Cabela's and when I asked about powder, I was told they had a 2x 1lb limit of the stock on hand per household per day. I paid $166.00 (Cdn) for 2 x 1 lb of W231. OUCH!!!!!
  3. I'm using 1x Uberti M73 Carbine w/ 19" barrel & 1x Uberti M73 w/ 20" barrel. Out of the pair of Original Vaqueros (I just sold) in a 4.62" barrel they chonoed at 139 PF with that load.
  4. To make the PF for Wild Bunch I use 5.1 grains of Red Dot pushing a 250 grain RNFP bullet in .45 Colt
  5. I'm really looking forward (note heavy use of sarcasm) to the day I have to permanently alter my Uberti M73 to a 5 shot tubular magazine. Kind of screws those with a Henry M1860!
  6. Had a great weekend Jabez, except for the rain. It was good shootin with you. This was the first time I seen you shoot at Granum, this year. Considering your a hop, skip and a spit away from the range its unusual.
  7. Those people in the GTA, have really screwed real Canadians.
  8. New Regulations banning the sale come in place around 4 October 2022, temporarily until the bill passes.
  9. Last day to buy a handgun in Canada will be around 04 October this year. So shooting sports like Cowboy Action, IPSC, IDPAS, 3 Gun, etc will probably expire up here within 20 years.
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