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Packed up and moved range in 5 days!

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Thunder River Renegades had to move to a new range--actually a vast wasteland we're going to have to develop into a range.


When the dust had settled we had packed up everything at the old range, all the steel, eight buildings, picnic tables and everything else we had pack-ratted since our inception and moved it 8 miles to the new place.


We did have a forklift at both places to help out. We also had over 1/3 of the membership find time to come out in the Republic's wonderful spring weather: 80º with humidity to match.


We did this over 5 days, three of which were week-days so the turn out was pretty amazing.


We still will have to set up the new range as it is currently undergoing dirt work but we are planning on having a match Saturday, May 23; maybe just off hay bales but any time you get to shoot cowboy firearms is a great day.


Here are the worker bees and minions that participated:

Bitterwood Ranger.


Bristlecone Jan & Fairplay John (they’re a couple, don’t you know)


Cherokee Jones


Doc Crossdraw & Sweet Magnolia Rose (monetary support and another cowboy couple here)

Ellie & Rawhide (yet another couple)

G. W Ketchum and his child bride Sugar Falls Sue (Susan but I gave her an Alias)

Good Troy

Grump E. Gunz

Marshall Raylan

Neshannock Leo

Nile City Slick


Osage Mike

Ramblin’ Gambler

Ranger Travis Tyree

Red River Larry

Red River Mac


Rusty Reb

Steelshot Scott and his son who we christened Abilene Kansas Kyle and Kyle’s friend Badlands Blake; all these folks are related to GW and Sugar Falls Sue except Blake who thought there was going to be free beer.

Texas CrAzY Clay

Texas Drifter

Texas Ghost

Two Spurs

Walter Durbin


31 members

3 non-members

34 ÷ 96 = 35% of club worked on this phase



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Speaking of pack rats, I understand some of that pack ratted stuff included some bottled water that went bad (don't ask me how, I didn't know it was possible). Heck, we had a big barrel full of brown water that some were reluctant to drain before we loaded it up. They might have been confused about whether it was lightly colored whiskey or darkly colored water.

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The outside of the plastic bottles of water got covered in mold. It was cleaned off but no one wanted to drink it anyway. Being frugal, we decided to keep it in case....

.... we were attacked my Martians(?)


Who knows why the children of the children of the Depression do what we do (there are people in Europe starving)



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