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I'm Begging U Guys to Tell Me I DON'T Need a Shotgun

Aunt Jen

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It's all about gun weight and load. My wife is 4'11" and was scared to death of the 12 gauge. I bought her a 20 ga, 1100 to hunt deer with and with a slug that was the max she could deal with. When she started CAS all the women told her to forget the 20 and get a 12 ga 97 and use the Winchester lite loads. Since then I've been loading super light 12 ga loads with 7/8 oz of shot that she shoots with no problem in her 12 ga 97. They take down the knockdowns and don't beat her up. If you reload you can make the shotgun pleasant to shoot.

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NOT a 3-Gun tactical kind!

Is that sport growing? 3-Gun? Semi-auto rifle. Shotgun, pistol?


A. You do not need a Mossburg SPX.

B. I'm from the government and I'm here to help.

C. Polictians never lie.

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This board does not have anyone who would help you out at a meeting of Gun Buyer's Anonymous. It has many members who have tried their 12 step program, but to a man, they have all fallen off the wagon and bought one or two or more new guns.


Now, tell me please, what kind of shotgun should I try to talk you out of?


Ah. Now I see the problem.


I thought they said 12 GAUGE. That would tend to explain a lot.

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Aunt Jen , here is my 2-cents. Pay no attention to the Tactical handle on those shotguns you are not going to buy. The better 3-gun stuff that the big-name folks use ( and a lot of the regular run-of-the-mill shooters) generally doesn't start out as a tactical model , they have them tuned to the game. Drop over to the 3-Gun Nation forum for lots of pointers on which ones to avoid. And 12 gauge is the way to play.

Being in Southern California ,You should be able to find Taran Tactical , a first class gunsmithing outfit for the 3-gun game.

The 3-gunners that I shoot with are a friendly bunch , but it is a smallish group. Still , it is nothing like the Cowboy crowd. No other organized shooting sport I have ever tried is.

Good luck , Rex :lol:

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