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Moving Picture, "Giant"

Aunt Jen

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What will they think of next?


I hear there is a new thing called a moving picture that shows people moving and talking, all without them actually being there.


Apparently it's cslled "Giant," starring some folks cslled Rock Hudson, Elizabeth Taylor, and James Dran.


I hope they turn out to be big stars, and this whole movie biz catches on---and if it dies catch on, it would be nice if they would sell foods other than those based on sugars, fats, and salts.

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Yup, movin' pitchers are the comin' thing. I hope young James Dran, becomes a star and changes his name. BTW, without sugar fats and salt food ain't worth eatin'



Ah. That "Dran" would be the autocomplete function on my phone "helping" me out again. :)

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I don't understand these young folks with their talking pictures. If watching shadows on the cave wall was good enough for me, it ought to good enough for the kids.


What's with the youngsters and all of that twitching, jerking stuff they call dancing? That young Presley boy ought to be locked up!!!

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Is this one of those where the star gets kilt in the end?

Naw that's Braveheart. He gets a kilt in the beginning too. ;)

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I thought INTERSTELLAR was extremely good, the best I'd seen in years. I note Kip Thorne (of Caltech) was an executive producer, and I was impressed with a glimpse of the cosmological big picture in the film, and, of course, Matthew and Anne...all the actors.




50 SHADES OF GREY is well enough done, but the tone of the film seemed adolescent to me. I can see how they're showing us the non-emotional attachment thing for the guy, the sex with no emotional involvement, controlling thing is his maladaptation to his childhood abuse, but I thought his acting was 2-dimentional, and the storyline too obvious. If you just want to see sex, it'd suffice, but I require more.


AMERIAN SNIPER was, simply, much better than I anticipated. Everybody got it right in that film, as they did in INTERSTELLAR.


BIRDMAN was outstanding, but IMHO, not as much so as AS and I, above.


IMMITATION GAME was superbly done and makes a good point—discrimination against gays even when they save milions of bloody lives.


SELMA (Saw it on 42nd St, NYC), was very well done. It's hard to watch Oprah Winfrey face a bigotted voting registrar, and later to be beaten, but that's why it was important to make the film. Well done.


THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING was done well enough. Eddie Redmayne (Stephen Hawking) was SUPERB, but I was a little let down that the film didn't go enough into Hawking's scientific approach. It seemed more as if his life from the perspective of his wife, than his. I'm glad it was made, and I LOVE Stephen Hawking and his science, but the film only got 4 ouf of 5 stars, for me.


...........................YES I GO TO THE MOVIES! :) I worked in theatres off and on for a long time, and I used to live in Hollywood, so... :) It's an art form I enjoy.


JOKE: Once every year or two, when I hear someone say, "You look famiiar..." I respond casually, "I don't know. Maybe you've seen me in the movies."


They usually get big-eyed, and say, "The movies?"


"Yes," I calmly reply, as if I'm serious. "I go a couple times a week."

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