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  1. Utah Bob, that is a beaut for sure!
  2. Weather events are my biggest concerns. My town goy hit by a major tornado several years ago, plus ice storms knock out the power for up to two weeks at a time. Heck, parts of Memphis went without power for 5 days after the sleet and snow last month. I keep a well stocked pantry with 90 days supply of canned and dry goods. I hunt whitetail and hogs, so the freezers stay pretty full and I have generators to keep them running. I worked hard to develop this Santa body and don't plan to go hungry.
  3. Howdy! May I approach the campfire for a cup? I am back after a 7 year absence. I disappeared while suffering a bout with cancer and other issues from my military service. I'm hoping to reconnect and star anew. Fingers crossed and I might be able to shoot some matches with my old pards.
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