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  1. When I was a kid 70+ years ago in San Angelo, all jeans had cuffs and button flies and were Levis. (All hats were Stetsons too) and no one ever managed to wear a pair out. Maybe a patch here and there, mostly on knees. There was a tradition of breaking in a new pair that involved a watering trough or a mud puddle, a dusty drag on a dirt road, road apples, and a few other touches, wear 'em till they were dry. Same with boots. Never heard of penny loafers until the family moved to Minnesota and cowboy boots were NOT worn in High School. Jeans were not allowed either. Horrible culture shock T
  2. About 25 years ago I bought a blackthorn walking stick (Cane) on a visit to Dublin. It is heavy and thick and near as I can tell unbreakable. I use it all the time now, since I have leg problems. I'm sure it would do nicely for beating an assailant off a bus driver though I have not used it for that purpose yet. If it didn't work, my Kimber Ultra Carry .45 would. I don't leave home without them. The O'Meara Himself
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