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S&W Model 3 / 38-44 / Reloading

Rancho Roy

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Well...I was just informed that I might not be able to use this revolver with these loads in a SASS match. Seems the rules state that you can not use any cartridge that the bullet is totally inside the case. I would imagine this was so folks can clearly see that you are using a lead, non-jacketed bullet?


I can load the same round with 357 Magnum brass with an exposed bullet for those shoots. Might not be as accurate, but most likely good enough for our sport.


Thanks for the Heads Up!

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I would tend to argue with whoever said that you could not use this load because the bullets sits in the case. You loaded them, and should know what you loaded them with. How does anyone know that my .45 Colt loads do not have a copper gas-check, or anyone elses either?

This is not a gun that you likely shoot at a 3-day match. I would think that your local club would let you shoot this revolver with this load.

Nice gun. Nice story.

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An important piece of info, the .38-44 for this gun is nothing more than an elogated .38 S&W. I asked S&W about it, and they told me that it is perfectly fine to use .38 S&W ammo in this gun.


I get .360" bullets for reloading the .38 S&W cartridge from www.betterbullets.com


I also have one of these revolvers, and loading with BP, I have had no problems using the shorter round.


As far as to orignal, or recreated, ammo would be legal, I think the Nagant Revolver has the answer for us. According to the rules you can't use a cartridge with the bullet in the case.


But, the Nagant Revolver is specifically said to be a legal gun. I asked about that once, wondering how the gun can be legal if its ammo is not. I was told there was an understood exeption for the Nagant's weird ammo.


Given that precident, I'd guess that for this specific gun, recreated original ammo would be just as acceptable.


Can we get a ruling on that idea?

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