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easy way to remove horizontally split case..

Cheyenne Culpepper 32827

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some think a case won't split horizontally, but for those of us who have had one or at least seen one here is a way to remove the offending leftover case.


first you need a brass rod of that will fit into the chamber. if it isn't mushroomed big time on one end, as cap kirk wud say, "make it so!".


next you need another rod that will reach from the muzzle down through the chamber.


take the guts out of your rifle and slide the short mushroomed rod into the chamber and by putting side pressure on the rod you should be able to feel the forward end of the case, keeping pressure on that rod push the other rod through the barrel and tap the mushroomed rod,,, if it isn't stuck to badly it will come out easily.


In one case I had to use a c clamp and a block of wood to put enough pressure on the mushroomed rod to finally get the offending case out, and then it nearly had to cut the case before it released.


c clamp and block of wood???? you ask in utter dis=belief? block of wood goes on the bottom of receiver with base of clamp, the screw pad rests on the rod, put pressure on rod, as little as needed.... on 66 73 type actions.


Marlins are easier to get pressure because of the side opening for the bolt.


hope you never need to do this, but if you do it will make your take easier.... did one on my Marlin on the range


Lassiter does make a thingy to do this, but in the two that I have done, one a marlin and one a 66 it wouldn't work in either one...

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opps, never was a die hard trekkie!!


liked kirk better tho, and it's my wife's maiden name...

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a friend split a case sideways and I got it out with a defunct echo broken case extractor with a lot of fiddling. hear later that you could lube a soft lead ball and drive from the muzzle and it would take the broke part of the case with it. don't swear it will work but I will try it next time...regards GW

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