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Cast Lead Bullets +

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I just got into pc and there is another way to do it--tumbling. Bullets and the pc powder in the tumbler and run it up to five min. Take them out with hemostats and place in toaster oven. Cook at 400 for 10 min and done. Frost to taste.


this cuts out the need for the ES sprayer and if you use HF colors you really can get into it for just a few $$


Here is some photos on my set-up: http://home.comcast.net/~walterlaich/powder_coating.htm

I like, looks good will try the tumbling method.

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Well I shot B-Western too (World Champion in 2008)


I suppose THAT was disrespectful too! With my brightly coloured shirts and such....




I like Dubious Dons idea anyway.... How do we know all them lead looking bullets aren't;a thin sheet of lead on a jacketed bullet!!!!!


A fair question for all those suggesting "lead grey" is the only way!


Anyone (who objects to other colours) care to answer it?


AND, Since ya got me a little riled... Black Powder loads...


Yep, some folks wanna tell ya you have to use 4 lbs of lube on every single round... and must use lead so soft ya can't leave it in the sun...


Well.. MY BP loads back in the days I shot Frontier Cartridge consisted of a charge of powder topped with a charge of Semolina.. and with a (coloured coating!!!) Hard cast bullet seated on top...


The only addition to that ammo for main match Rifle was a home made grease cookie twixt the filler and the bullet.


Shot many 12 stage matches with those loads... the Rifle required... zero attention... the pistols.. well . I pulled the cylinder every 4 stages wiped the mouth of the chambers, relubed the cylinder pin.. and put it back together...


Couldn't possibly have worked reliably some would say...... shot my way, with those loads, to FC World Champion in 2001.


Some folks just wanna make it sound SOO difficult.

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