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Holiday Whiskey Punch


Cadet Punch



For the oleosaccharum:


4 lemons


1 cup sugar

For the punch:




1 750-ml bottle of rye whiskey


12 hard shakes of Angostura bitters


Large block of ice


Peel the lemons with a Y-shaped vegetable peeler, avoiding as much of the

white pith as possible. Combine the lemon peel and sugar in a bowl, and

muddle them together with a cocktail muddler or a heavy wooden spoon.

Allow the mixture to rest, covered, for an hour or more, or until the

sugar has melted. Stir again before using. (Alternately, you can combine

the peel and sugar in a vacuum-seal bag, and allow them to break down

for 4 to 6 hours.)

Add the oleosaccharum to your punch bowl, including the peel. Add the

whiskey and stir until all sugar is dissolved. Add bitters, stir, then

stir in 750 ml of very cold water. (Use the empty whiskey bottle for

measuring.) Add the ice, and stir a few times to further cool the punch.

Ladle into glasses to serve.



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