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I Need Help, Looking for Purple Pearl Like grips for Wife

Marlin Buckhorn,SASS 51727

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Wife shoots B-Western. Wants new grips for her pistols for Christmas. Last spring I saw some on some web search, can't find them now. I can find black, pink and white but no purple. Any help would be appreciated.


Thanks in advance,


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www.tombstonegrips.com has all different colors with a pearl look.



I was going to suggest Tombstone as well. I have some other of their grips that I got several years back and I am pleased with them.

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Thanks for the information. I have looked at Tombstone but they don't have what I want. I will call Western & Wildlife Wonders and ask them. Any other suggestions?





Hi Marlin,


I don’t know if you actually contacted Tombstone Grips, but I know that in the past he was willing to custom pour a color for you for an added charge, IF you can’t find the pearl color you like from the many that you may have seen on Tombstone’s site. Maybe you already did ask him, and if so, maybe he doesn’t do custom colors any longer. I just looked and I saw that they have a "violet" pearl, but maybe you saw that and there's not really a purple that she likes. Anyway, here's Dave Corbin's email address and the link to the pearl colors on the Tombstone web site. EDIT NOTE: When you look at that page with the colors, scroll way down the page, past the regular exotic colors to the pearl colors. The colors at the top of the page are not the pearl colors. Just talk to him about what you want




There are a couple of issues regarding Tombstone Grips that you probably found and which, may take them out of your equation:

== Their delivery time is about 4 months

== Their grips require significant fitting. I don’t see that as an issue, really, because I would have the fitting done locally by gunsmith who is familiar with doing that.


Anyway, another place you might find them is on eBay.


One of the sellers you might find there may have or may be able to custom-pour what you want.


There’s another gripmaker out there that I know makes pearl grips, but I don’t know about colors beyond the white pearl. They probably will not make what you need, but it wouldn’t hurt to ask:



This last one, I don't know very much about, as I have not used them.



I do hope this helps.

Cat Brules

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