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Flea market


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Well, the SHOOTERS who are spending even more money might be happy.



Cost more to vend than to shoot.




You won't lose a shooter because there is no flea market.


But you sure might lose a vendor or two.


If vending was free. No problem. Go for it.


But when you have to PAY out the nose to vend. I would be ticked off.

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Yes vendors pay to be at EOT and at Winter Range. Actually I think there are few free vendor slots at shoots I think most all make them pay to be there. We offer free vending at our local annual match. They do have to pay I think 10 a day to camp, but we do ask for something for our door prizes but is not mandatory our vendors that come are very generous and most shoot too.


But you will find a lot of places charge vendors.


Painted Filly

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