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Guncarts at EOT

Jackaroo, # 29989

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Shock horror today I found out that my old friend Cactus Chris is not attending this year.!!

I also just learned he didn't last year either. :unsure:

That would be about the first time in 13 years that I can recall??


Having not come to EOT for a few years, opting to go to WR instead, we now have a dilemma.

There are a large bunch of Aussies coming again this year and I normally organise the carts.

This year in my bunch I'm looking for 10 carts??


Not booking anything with SASS when we registered, as we normally support Cactus Chris, on contacting them they are also all out so,....we're looking if there are any spare carts out there that may be put to good use.


Some folks are sharing a cart and guns, so 2 sharing with another shooter can be a bit squashy?? :mellow:

Most of us will be arriving on the Monday, but some are shooting the Wild Bunch too.


I can supply names for all those needing one if we get to that point. :)

Any help appreciated.


Many thanks



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I have one ERSS gun cart ( holds 4) as well as my little one ( holds 20 ) that are yours for EOT. We will be on the ranch by the 25th. Just look us up!

Shanley Shooter and Singin' Sue :)

Let me know by a pm if you still are short when closer, and I will see what I can do! :)

PS... the small one is a bit on the feminine side! :)

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See original post....already rung SASS they are all gone.!


Thanks for that Singin' Sue, that will be great. :D

That should sort out one couple sharing guns, me & my partner, and another 2 who would be using their set of guns each.

Will let ya know


Jack :wub:

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