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Why is the dress code not enforced

Two Gun Montana

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So I got a important questiion: What if I enter a soiled dove contest and found out dresses were right comfortable and so decided to shoot in one, Would it have to be a long sleeve dress being a guy and all or could it be a short sleeve dress being as I was dressed in costume, that of a soiled dove? And RRR bet you can't win wearing a dress :P.


So if you wear a short or long-sleeved dress, we'll take up a collection and get you an appointment at Johns Hopkins or some other gender management service clinic. Oh wait!! Don't have to do that! Soetoro-Care will pay for it. NO, wait! That means that WE still pay for it. NO WAIT!! Now I'm confused.


Anyway, don't expect to get any kisses from the girls! NO WAIT!! .......... :lol::lol::lol:

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Amazing! Utterly duck plucking amazing. This dead nag is up and running on its fourth lap.

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"Utterly duck plucking amazing."


:D :lol: :P

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Yep, no shirt, no shoes, no boots, just a pair of bibs and a stove top hat. Dang good shooter too ;) No one name really comes to mind :huh::lol:



Jefro :ph34r: Relax-Enjoy


no one would really dress like that............. :P


I saw a shooter at WR with no shirt at all. (nor hat or shoes, only a pair of bib overalls.


bib overalls rolled up, barefoot & shirtless with a top hat.


I couldn't run around on sharp gravel and hot shells like that, but no one is much faster.



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